MAMPU Finally Migrating to (

Somebody sent me this document today:


To those who are clueless, is the open source alternative to the proprietary MS Office or whatever of its equivalent.

My response to the above announcement by MAMPU? Wow! That’s all I can say.

Why? Because, I think it is long overdue. When I was working on the Open Source (OS) related work way back in 2005 in the OS Unit in MIMOS, we were the only outcasts doing our work using OS as much as we could. I was and am still happy to use, but the problem was that when we had to swap documents with other units/departments, we would have a lot of problem switching from MS Office to format and vice versa. When the document is huge with a lot of tables, graphics, bullets/numbering, most of the format will go haywire when we had to switch back and forth between the two formats 😦

Why, you might say? Because, others in MIMOS were using MSOffice! When we sent documents to them, we had to switch our doc into MSOffice format, and when they sent back the document, it would be in MS Office format, which we had to convert to format, before we can edit/update. The agony would go on and on… Whe I voiced out my concern and suggested that the whole of MIMOS use, the top management’s response was, “We are not OS people”. What the heck is that?? And MIMOS was then going round the country advising and suggesting to others to switch to OS. I think it’s the case of “you should use OS as it is free, but it’s ok for us to use the proprietary version  because we can afford it” 😛


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